Rock Hill SC
Up to 16 fields in the surrounding area will be used again for this years event.

Prizes awarded in Part by


1998 - 22 teams   Ridge Rd and Chesshire Parks
1999 - 28 teams Mallard Creek
2000 - 34 teams Mallard Creek
2001- 44  teams Mallard Creek and Moorehead
2002 58 teams Rockhill SC
2003  68 teams Rock Hill SC
2004  78 teams Rock Hill SC
2005  86 teams Rock Hill SC
2006  88 teams Rock Hill SC
2007  90 teams Rock Hill SC
2008 103 teams Rock Hill SC
2009 100 teams Rock Hill SC
2010 103 teams Rock Hill SC
2011 101 teams Rock Hill SC
2012 101 teams Rock Hill SC
2013 112 teams Rock Hill SC

Mighty Casey Tournament
20th Annual !! -  2016
June 3rd - June 5th

Another Mighty Casey is in the book!
Man it was great seeing everyone.
I want to thank all the wonderful coaches, players and parents that helped
make a tough situation run smoothly.  I am referring to the multiple lightning delays / rain Saturday night which led to us stopping the tournament in the middle of games.  This caused earlier game times on Sunday and in some cases some waiting.  With your help we pulled it off!
Sincerely Jim Allen and staff

I will be posting the complete brackets as time permits.  As you can imagine having taken off thur-monday while my day job
did not take off.    Please have some patience while i catch all of this up.

        Need a little help with completing the18u as someone made off with our brackets!

Special Edition Tee Shirts

Due to the lack of participation we have suspended the contest for Friday night.
These contest games have been in decline for a few years now.   This means that all age groups could
possibly be scheduled to play.  This will also help the younger teams from playing so
many games on Sat.  

My College Talent Events Winthrop Gold I - SC Winthrop Gold II - SC Xeno Valley Talent Exposure -VA

Once the event begins you can check twitter for weather updates


Coaches will be provided copies of the brackets in their packets.
Brackets will be posted at each park.
Due to the complexity and uniqueness of the duel bracket we cannot
post and update them online.  We are sorry for those that cannot make the trip down.

Coaches Packets Contain
Pickup your packets at the park of your first game.
If you do not play Friday night you can pickup your packets at Cherry Park Friday night.
If you do play Friday night your packets will be at the park that you play.

4 coaches passes

Copy of your bracket
Park Directions

The Biggest Prize Package Event you will ever play in.

Friday Night Play required for most teams.
Metal Cleats are allowed for 14u and up

Please Note:  Only two team coolers will be allowed.
Eagle Park - Team Trailers, and Campers please park in the Coliseum parking lot only.

This is a prepay event, there are far to many to teams to allow payment upon arrival.
Send in Tournament Entry Form with Payment

Mail checks to:
Jim Allen
15 Johnson Dr Luray Va  22835
contact me via email please }

Paypal links will be available soon.

Rock Hill Hotel Information

Tournament Fees   Teams that do not have NSA insurance will be charged $10.00 extra per NSA head quarters
8u  $180.00

10u  $225.00
12u - 18u  $285.00
23u TBA

Entry fee

This is a 3 game format event.  No Pool Play, no seeding all games count.

No refunds within 7 days of the tournament
unless we can fill your spot.

C =  Cherry Park  Rock Hill, SC  5 fields
E =  Eagle Park Winthrop Unv  4 fields (1162 Eden Ter, Rock Hill, SC, US, 29730)
H= Hargette Park - across from Cherr y Park  4 fields
DB = Doby Bridge Park, 1905 Doby’s Bridge Road, Fort Mill, SC 29715 (new park) 2 fields we will use
A 3S = Anne Springs Close Greenway  Recreation Complex -  971 tom hall st. Fort Mill SC  3 fields
HSP = 465 Harris St, Fort Mill, SC 29715
SM = Sullivan Middle School  -1825 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Use to be Leroy Springs Park

Directions will be in your packets


Where we have enough teams we will run duel brackets feeding into Super Bracket Champ.
Each bracket will place 1st - 4th team and individual awards.
Then the two bracket champs will face off for a one game winner take all!  actually its a set of
Super Bracket Champion Tee Shirts

This is pure bracket play,  your times are based on whether you lose or win.   We are going over the brackets again to make sure they are correct.
Each coach will get a bracket in his packet.  We are also watching the weather so as this event unfolds decisions will be made at that time.
I will do my best to answer emails through out the day.

Start times will be posted wed evening on this webpage 



We normally have 5 to 8 teams.
Coaches please contact me with any start up questions.  Let me know how we can get you going for this event.

GM1 8:30am C1 Carolina Crush vs Lady Blues
GM2 8:30am SM  Team NC vs Knockouts 05
GM3 10:00am C1 Lady Blues (Sutton) vs Weddington Outlaws
GM4 11:30am C1 Lady Tigers vs winner of GM1

1. Team NC Pd  NC
2. Lady Tigers 05 NC PD
3.  Lady Blues NC PD
4.  Weddington Outlaws 05  NC PPD
5. Carolina Crush  SC PPD
6. Knockouts 05 SC PPD
7. Lady Blues (Sutton)NC *

12U  Duel Brackets 
GM1 6:45 C1 Lady Tigers (Harris) vs C. Curve 
GM2 6:45  C2 Lady Rattlers 03 vs C. Cobras
GM3 6:45 H1 Cardinals Hall vs TC Rockets
GM4 6:45 H2 CV Fusion vs USA Triple Play
GM5 8:15 C1 Lightning Curry vs Ignite
GM6 8:15 C2 Lady Hornts vs Fireballs
GM7 8:15 H1 LKN Lightning 03 vs Att Frye
GM8 8:15 H2 Team NC Hatch vs Comets Black


GM9 8:30am C2 P. Predators vs Team NC Eaton
GM10 8:30am C3 Bandits vs Diamond Crushers
GM11 8:30am C4 Ext. Performance vs Lady Blues 04
GM12 8:30am C5 Team NC Knight vs Lady Blues AC
GM13 10:00am C2 Winner GM1 vs Team Venon
GM16 10:00am C5 Winner GM6 vs Lady Blues Jon
GM17 11:30 C2 Winner GM7 vs LKN Lightning 04
GM20 11:30am SM Winner GM 12 vs L-Town Ext.

. Lady Tigers (Harris)   NC  PD
2. Team NC (Eaton)  NC PD
3. Carolina Cardinals (Hall)   NC Pd
4. L Town Xtreme   NC  PD
Lady Lightning (Curry) PPD
6. Lady Blues (Jon) NC PPD
7. Team NC (Knight) NC PD
Lady Rattlers 03  NC PD
9. CV Fusion  NC PD
10. LK N Lightning 03 NC PD
11. Attitude (Frye) NC PD
12. TC Rockets NC PD
13. LK N Lightning 04 NC PD
14. Team Venom NC PD
15. Carolina Cobras NC PD
16. Comets Black NC PD
17. Carolina Curve NC  PD
18. Extreme Performance  NC PD
19. USA Triple Play NC PPD
20. Lady Hornets NC PPD
21. Piedmont Predators NC PDH
22.  Lady Blues 04  (Mooresville) NC PD
23.  Lady Blues (AC) PD
24.  Ignite  NC PD
25.  Fireballs NC  Pd
26. Team NC LS (Hatch) NC PD
27. Bandits NC (Simpson) PD
28. Diamond Crushers NC PD

FRIDAY - I am looking for a team to swap their sat start with for an 8:15 game 5 start.  $100.00 if you can switch.

GM1 6:45pm C4  YAK Fastpitch vs Carolina Force
GM2 6:45pm C5 Upward Stars vs NC Warriors
GM3 6:45pm H3 WNC Rip City vs RH Surge
GM4 6:45pm H4 Thunder Cats vs Toxic
GM5 8:15pm C4 L Town Extreme Reel vs Bandits
GM6 8:15pm C5 CLT Nightmare vs Lady Tigers 02
GM7 8:15pm H3 Richmond Thunder vs Lady Razorbacks
GM8 8:15pm H4 Lightning Lund vs Lady Rattlers 01


GM9 8:30am H1 Florence Knockouts vs Team NC Baylog
GM10 8:30am H2 Carolina Mojo vs Cardinals 02
GM11 8:30am H3 Mara Mustangs vs CLT Storm
GM12 8:30am H4 Lady Tigers Vullo vs CV Fusion
GM13 8:30am HSP Winner GM1 vs Extreme Performance
GM16  10:00am H3 Winner GM5 vs Cardinals Jonas
GM17 10:00am H4 Winner GM 7 vs LKN Lightning 02
GM20 11:30am H4 Winner GM12 vs Piedmont Braves

1. Lady  Tigers 02
(Wall)  NC  PD
YAK Fast-pitch   NC PD
Lady Tigers (Vullo) NC PD
4. Extreme Performance NC PD

5. CV Fusion  NC PD
6. Carolina Force (Beech) NC PD

7. Lady Rattlers 01 NC PD
8. Bandits NC PD
9. Team NC (Baylog) PD

10. LK N Lightning 02 NC PD
11. Richmond Thunder NC PD

12. WNC Rip City NC {D
Carolina Cardinals 02/ (Hatcher) PPD
14. Upward Stars SC PPD
15. Carolina Cardinals (Jonas) PPD
16. NC Warriors  NC PPD
17.  Florence Knockouts SC PPD

18.  Carolina Mojo  SC  PPD
19.  Lady Razorbacks NC PD
20.  Mara Mustangs NC PPD
21.  Lady Lightning (Lund) NC PPD
22.  RH Surge SC PD
23.  Piedmont Braves  NC PPD
24. Thunder Cats SC PPD
25. Toxic  NC *
L-Town Xtreme Reel NC**
Charlotte Nightmare NC PPD
28.  Charlotte Storm NC PPD

16U  We will combine for HS division if need be.




18U  We will combine for HS division if need be.


GM1 6:45pm C3 Carolinas Lightning vs SCAA Blaze
GM2 6:45pm DB1 Lady Magic vs Carolina Fearless
GM3 6:45 DB2 Team TNT vs Palmetto Fusion
GM4 6:45pm HSP LKN Warriors Elite vs Redzone Impact
GM5 8:15pm C3 Carolina Comets vs Lady Tigers Davis
GM6 8:15pm DB1 LKN Fury vs  Carolina Strikers
GM7 8:15pm DB2 Untouchable vs Team NC Pressley
GM8 8:15 HSP NC Cobras vs Two Out Voodoo


GM9 8:30am DB3 Winner GM1 vs Lady Tigers Toby
GM10 8:30 DB2 Winner GM2 vs Attitude Odom
GM11 10:00am DB3 Winner GM3 vs Foothills Heat
GM 12 10:00 DB2 Winner GM4 vs Carolinas Cobras
GM13 10:00am HSP Winner GM5 vs South CLT Storm
GM14 11:30am HSP Winner GM6 vs Carolina Force Elite

1. Carolina Lighting NC PD
2. Foothills Heat NC PD
3. SCAA  Blaze  SC  PPD
4. Lady Magic NC PPD
5. NC Cobras (Aiken) NC PD
6. Team TNT NC PPD
7. LKN Warriors Elite NC PPD
8. Carolina Comets NC PPD
9.  Carolina Fearless NC PPD
10. Carolina Force Elite NC PPD
11. Attitude (Odom) NC PD
12. Lady Tigers Toby NC PD
13. Palmetto Fusion PPD SC
14. Redzone Impact SC  Pd
15. Lady Tigers Davis NC PPD
16. Carolina Cobras NC PPD
17. Untouchables NC PD
18. South Charlotte Storm  PPD NC
19. Team NC (Presley) PPD NC
20. Lake Norman Fury NC PD
21. Carolina Strikers NC PPD
22.  Two Out Voodoo NC PPD

Please Note:  Only two team coolers will be allowed.
Eagle Park - Team Trailers, and Campers please park in the Coliseum parking lot only.

Coaches Packets Contain
4 coaches passes

Copy of your bracket
Park Directions

Due to the lack of participation over the past 3 years we will not hold the contest
this year.   This is something we very much liked doing but the feedback from the teams was they needed there girls
home and resting before this big event.